Give a party

Want to give a party?

It is possible to rent De Bunker for any party needs you might have, whether you’re giving a birthday party with some people or having a lustrum party! Anything is possible.

Wondering how much this is going to cost? You don’t have to pay rent for the use of De Bunker the only fee that we charge is for crew. For more information please read our party contract.  

There are always two board members at your party at all times, there are no exceptions. Also we require a deposit to be paid. More on that is in our contract.

  • People from Dijkgraaf will be welcome as well, so the party won’t be 100% private

When you want to reserve the bunker or have any questions be sure to email us at:

When you are throwing a party at de Bunker, you need to sign a contract provided via email.

For other options besides giving a party you can also contact us at